About Spirit of the Unicorn

Hello, I am a former journalist and  therapist who by default found myself doing research part time for friends of friends, this developed into doing other bits and pieces for them or their contacts and I discovered that not only am I good at it, but that I also enjoy it; that is how this this venture came about.

I work alone whereas many virtual assistant companies are just that – companies. If you choose to employ me on your behalf then you will deal with only me.   Equally I work mainly for individuals,  normally creative types i.e. writers, journalists, artisans and craftspeople. I do however on occasion work for other sole traders or partnerships who may need my assistance. Also it should be noted that I only work from my own premises. No job is to small so if you’re curious; ask. Also if you need something that you don’t yet find on this site, again drop me an email I am here to help and if I personally don’t have the skill you require I may well know someone that does. My job is to give you the freedom to do what you are most passionate about be it writing, throwing pots or carving rocking horses, after all that is why you took the leap to go it alone isn’t it?

Please check out the information contained on this site and should you have any questions not answered here, or require any further information please feel free to email me at:   email@spiritoftheunicorn.com

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